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Exceptional Therapy For Exceptional Children

We’re here to help. We not only provide your child with excellent therapy, we exist to provide peace and hope to your family. While this may seem like an obstacle too big to overcome today, please know that you’re not alone on this journey. We’ll be side by side with you every step of the way offering encouragement and support for a better tomorrow.
The Shandy Clinic Partners With Educators And Medical Professionals To Unlock The Full Potential Of Every Child!

We Evaluate & Treat In Many Areas:


Adaptive Development
Articulation / Language
Autism Spectrum
Fine & Gross Motor Skills
General Developmental Delays
Learning Disabilities
Motor Planning
Sensory Processing

Our therapists are specially trained in the field of Pediatric Therapy. They incorporate play into every session, exhibit endless patience, and receive additional education making them even more sensitive to the specific needs of children.

Monica Martinez

Monica Martinez

Pueblo Clinic

“I would recommend the Shandy Clinic anytime because my son loves working with MS. Monica. Monica is so caring and knowledgeable and obviously loves what she does. Shandy has great resources and staff. Thank you Shandy!” - Dannielle
Heather Crabbe

Heather Crabbe

North Clinic
Occupational Therapist Assistant

“Heather is such a blessing to our family. I have seen improvement with social skills, handwriting and endurance with both of my boys, and their teachers have noticed it as well. Both boys love going to OT with Miss Heather, and always come home with a fun activity or some artwork. They think OT is an extension of playtime, and they look forward to it every week!” - Angela
Andrea Savaglio

Andrea Savaglio

Thrive Clinic - Clinic Manager
Speech-Language Pathologist

"My son has been going to the Shandy Clinic for over a year and loves everyone he works with. He has OT, PT, and Speech and has been improving a lot from being stronger, and being able to read better.” - Staci
Anne Wolfe

Anne Wolfe

North Clinic - Clinic Manager
Physical Therapist

“We are so happy that we found the Shandy Clinic, my son is making huge strides! We love the Shandy Clinic!” - Autum

"Best of the Springs"

- The Gazette 2017 (Colorado Springs, CO)

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6 Locations Throughout Colorado

We strive to have high quality clinics conveniently located to serve your family’s needs.

North Clinic

8 AM - 6 PM (Mon - Fri)

8540 Scarborough Dr, Suite 300
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

719.597.0822 (x 100)
Central Clinic

8 AM - 6 PM (Tue - Fri)

3625 Citadel Dr South
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

719.597.0822 (x 200)
South Clinic

8 AM - 6 PM (Mon - Thur)

830 Tenderfoot Hill Rd, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

719.597.0822 (x 300)
Thrive Clinic

8 AM - 6 PM (Mon - Thur)

155 Printers Parkway, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80910

719.597.0822 (x 400)
Pueblo Clinic

8 AM - 6 PM (Tue - Fri)

1301 Fortino Blvd
Pueblo, CO 81008

719.597.0822 (x 500)
Helen Hunt
Helen Hunt

8 AM - 6 PM (Mon - Thur)

917 E Moreno, Suite 150
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

719.597.0822 (x 600)